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DOUBLE my profit...

“These strategies have taken away the chaotic hustle and fear around not knowing how much money my business is really making. Not only is my business running more smoothly, our profits have doubled to over $250k."

- Jordan Ellis, Jordanene

From Biz Newbie to SET UP FOR SUCCESS

"You're getting all the actual tools you need to set the groundwork for your business."

“I had no business, just an idea. Now 5 weeks later, I have already surpassed my 3 month goals and am working toward my 6 month goals! That’s so crazy to me! When I wrote those 3 month goals they looked absolutely impossible.”

- Chelsea Colwell, Church Gal


"I felt like there was a partner that understood pieces of my business that no one in my life understood. Then you said 3 words that had me hooked forever. You said, 'You're not broken'. It was freeing in a lot of ways. My mindset literally changed."

- Megan Stone, Sweet Chubby Cheeks

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“I have spent the weekend compiling data and have learned so much about the health of my business. It is honestly so inspiring and has allowed me to set more tangible goals for the remainder of the year and beyond!"

- Nichole Hensley,
Storybook Weddings & Events

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“I finally feel like the numbers aren’t so scary. I started to crunch them using your formulas and they not only are good - they are showing me just how much I have GROWN! And now I know exactly where to place my financial goals according to real data! Look at me go!”

- Molly O'Riley, Darling Rage Creations

“Using the tactics from this membership, I broke each of my big goals into bite-size pieces that are easy to manage in a single sitting. The tasks are sorted by project, so it’s easy to see what all needs to be done, and I can glance at the calendar (for the entire YEAR!) and see what I’ve got coming up.”

- Krista Rea



“Working backwards from my big yearly goal and breaking it down into bite sized pieces has given me life and saved me so much time!! It got me really really focused."

- Lindsey Hazel



“You will gain the knowledge, the tools, the strategies, the systems and the creative community to build the creative business of your dreams BUT...even more importantly, you will gain a sense of confidence that you can’t find anywhere else.”

- Hilary Alberta, Sherbert Shoppe