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Goal Crusher Club is a monthly membership for overwhelmed creatives who want to build a productive, profitable and sustainable business.


You’ve got more biz ideas than you know what to do with.
What you need is someone to help you organize the chaos.
That’s what we’re best at babe.

Running a business is probably the craziest decision you ever made. You love it, but are overwhelmed with all the nitty gritty details. How on earth are you supposed to run your business while also being the strategic mind behind growing it? Well, friend, we’ve got you.

What if we made running your business a little more fun* for you?

* and profitable …. Oh yeah!


You know, so you can not only get to be the little creative that you are, but also rock a totally functioning business too? Imagine if you went to start your workweek and you saw…


eye on the prize

All of your big dreamy goals and day-to-day tasks living in harmony in one shiny platform, enabling you to keep one eye on the long term prize and one on the things that need to get done right now

Plan for profit

Ideas, action steps and plans for your business that you knew were going to impact its growth and profitability (because you’re able to plan your goals based on facts instead of just “wouldn’t it be cool if…”)


time for you

Clients getting their projects completed faster, customers getting their hands on newer products sooner, and your audience getting your top notch content consistently because you actually have the time

Sound Like A Dream?


Goal Crusher Club is the support you've been looking for
to manage and grow your creative business.

It’s the only framework you need to implement
your goals and increase profits…OH AND IT COMES WITH ACCOUNTABILITY

all in a monthly membership

In two years, we went from using broken systems and half-assed planning to giving ourselves a complete overhaul. Once we implemented these changes we saw profits soar, more time in our day and the ability to make better educated moves in our business. We can't wait to help you unlock the same results.


The good news?

We’re handing over the framework
for you to do the same thing, but you won't be doing it alone

"You guys, productivity is all my mom talks about. TCC makes the follow through from idea to “heck yeah I did it!” almost as fun as eating peanut butter off a cheese stick.”


Resident Treat Tester

“This strategies have taken away the chaotic hustle and fear around not knowing how much money my business is really making. Not only is my business running more smoothly, but our profits doubled to over $250k in one year. Crazytown!"

Jordan Ellis


"I felt like there was a partner that understood pieces of my business that no one in my life understood. Then you said 3 words that had me hooked forever. You said, 'You're not broken'. It was freeing in a lot of ways. My mindset about everything in my business literally changed."

Megan Stone

Sweet Chubby Cheeks

“When I started I had no business, just an idea. Now 5 weeks later, I have already surpassed my 3 month goals and am working toward my 6 month goals! That’s so crazy to me! When I wrote those 3 month goals they looked absolutely impossible.”

Chelsea Colwell

Church Gal

“With TCC, you will gain the knowledge, the tools, the strategies, the systems and the creative community to build the creative business of your dreams BUT...even more importantly, you will gain a sense of confidence that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Hilary Alberta

Sherbert Shop


Ready to Get Your Biz Organized?

Here’s what you’ll do inside GOAL CRUSHER CLUB

so you can be freaking profitable in your creative business...



We believe that accountability is what makes the magic happen so you set goals and totally crush them. Not only will you have the camaraderie of rockstar entrepreneurs, but monthly goal planning sessions, virtual co-working and intimate masterminds with other top notch creatives. 



There’s a group of Goal Crusher Club members ready to welcome you with open arms. We’ve got an intimate and private Facebook community for you to ask questions, share your progress and make sure your business is getting rocked. Plus you can ask questions 24/7!

list (2).png


In a matter of weeks your business is going to look totally different. In all the best ways! Get ready for massive organization, better planning skills, more things to check off, oh, and more profit. You’re leaving your Hotmess self behind, babe, and planning for the your future success!


Take a Peek Inside

There are six core modules included in the membership, plus a treasure trove of bonus workbooks, mini-courses and workshops to help you develop the skills to build a profitable and sustainable business. Here’s our exact curriculum so you can make sure the membership is right for you and your business.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 2.21.45 PM.png

growth plan


Monthly Planning Sessions

You get access to monthly 60-minute live group planning sessions where we will go over your business growth, statistics, analytics and use this data to strategize and plan for your next 30 days. And then track progress against quarterly and annual goals.

Our goal is to help you feel super empowered and equipped to tackle projects inside your business that not only keep it sustainable, but growing. This is one of our favorite aspects of this membership because we get to know you and your business on a whole new level - that’s when the magic happens!

(Value $397) Included in Goal Crusher Club





There's no sense in spending all that time planning if you don't give yourself an opportunity to actually check-in with your growth and progress. You'll get access to quarterly 90-minute live group progress check-ins where we will measure your monthly results against your quarterly progress. And then we'll check-in with your big picture goals for end of year.

This enables you to stay on target and on track. You'll be able to pivot faster, cut things that aren't working, and spend more time in areas that are showing a return. You'll no longer be spending all year on a strategy that wasn't pulling its weight.

(Value $397) Included in Goal Crusher Club




Virtual Co-Working

We know working from home can feel isolating, so we designed a monthly virtual co-working session that will transform your home office into an environment built for creativity, focus and connection.

More than just the best place to work, though, this is a movement towards humanizing work. We believe that community cultivates connection that can make a difference in your bottom line. Work from the comfort of home and look forward to finding real meaning in what you do. Also, we strongly believe in a #NoPantsRequired office.

(Value $397) Included in Goal Crusher Club




Fill-In-the-blank WORKSHEETs

While you can absolutely jot down your goals, stats and data on scratch paper, we whole heartily believe that even analytics can be sexy. We've designed beautiful worksheets that you can print out or fill in digitally. 

You'll get access to Monthly Review, Quarterly Review, Yearly Goals, My Biz Daily, Calculating Growth, Cash Flow Clarity, Knowing the Value of Your Customer, and Setting Goals Based on Facts.

(Value $397) Included in Goal Crusher Club


FINd your people


Private Facebook Community

A place where we’re redefining success measured by personal fulfillment, not just the bottom line. Community is our catalyst. Inside our private facebook community you will find the camaraderie you’ve been searching for.   

Inside the private community there will be weekly prompts to keep you accountable and the ability to ask questions 24/7.

(Value $397) Included in Goal Crusher Club




Accountability Masterminds

Masterminds are designed to give you the support, guidance and accountability to grow your business. You’ll find a mastermind perfect for all levels in business. With 4-6 members in each expect to find a sounding board, cheering squad and just the right amount of accountability you’ve been looking for from your peers in this creative industry.

(Value $397) Included in Goal Crusher Club

Tired of reading all about it?


Did someone say sexy add-ons?

Unlock a treasure trove of bonus workbooks, mini-courses and workshops to help you develop additional skills to grow a business that makes an impact. We want to arm you not just with the roadmap, but the how-to. That’s what makes this different. We don’t just like the idea of you succeeding, we want to see it happen.


📒 The Follow Through Method Course - We’re not just focused on the here and now. We like looking at the big (BIG) picture. How can we take this great idea that seems like the cat’s pajamas right now and turn it into the a long term money making and soul fulfilling business? We’re letting you in on the steps we take to make sure we won’t fizzle out like Periscope, Pokemon Go or Perms.

Inside this program we'll show you exactly how we set and track goals monthly, quarterly and annually to see explosive growth. Psssst...these are the worksheets you'll bring you to your monthly planning sessions and quarterly check-ins. 

(Value $297) Included in Goal Crusher Club

🔮  Your Business Horoscope Workshop - In order create goals and plan properly you need the data to back up your decisions. In this workshop we’re showing you exactly what stats, data and analytics you can pull from your business to get deep intel for your next move. Yes, we’re talking math people, but it’s sexy math.

Inside this program we'll teach you how to calculate the growth of anything in your business, complete with a 10-page workbook and our Plug-and-Play Calculator for planning profits, tracking stats, and more. Psssst...these are the formulas that will help you crunch the numbers during your monthly planning sessions and quarterly check-ins.

(Value $197) Included in Goal Crusher Club

Abagail Pumphrey & Emylee Williams

Abagail & Emylee

Think Creative Collective

Want to learn how to organize and plan the growth of your business from someone who has built 9 different business, served hundreds of clients, thousands of customers and turned an idea into nearly half a million dollar business in just 2 years?

Hey babe! Abagail and Emylee here, and together we’ve taught thousands of business owners how to create productive, profitable, and sustainable businesses.What began as a conversation over wine on Abagail’s office floor transformed into building Think Creative Collective: a community and business with ridiculous goals, dreams, and ideas.

When we first started our business we had the same struggles you’re facing: we started from scratch (we’re talking zero audience, zero dollars, and zero experience). We’d pick a strategy and run with it—some worked and some flopped.

But now, we’re rewarded with a multiple-six figure business, thousands of happy students from all over the world, and hundreds of thousands of eyeballs on our content every single day.

The way we look at it, you have two options. You can bootstrap it on your own, or you can get in with people who made it work, skipping a pitfall or two (or a hundred) along the way, and getting the exact, step-by-step goal setting system that grew our business.


We can’t wait to see how your business changes.

Trust us, we understand the feeling of intense overwhelm. The days where you don’t know what needs your attention first, because you have so many things on your plate. The feeling of not knowing whether the things that you are doing are the right things - the ones that will move your business forward the fastest. The constant wondering if the strategies you’re putting in place are working. It sucks, doesn’t it?

Life doesn’t have to be that way. Seriously.

If you’re able to give this membership the time is deserves and if you’re ready to change some of the habits you have right now, you will be rewarded.

This membership has the framework, but ultimately it’s up to you to put it in place.
We know that you can do this, do you?


Wanna cut to the chase and get inside?


Okay, sold

How much is this gonna cost me?

how about you get started for just $29

Goal Crusher Club is built to help any creative entrepreneur. It doesn't matter if you’re a total newbie, a seasoned entrepreneur, if you’re looking to grow a tribe, if you want to rapidly grow or if you’re a total busy body. We created it to be accessible for everyone who is looking for less overwhelm, more clarity and more profits.




Get Started for just $29/Month
Or Get a Month FREE with our Annual Plan

  • Monthly Planning Sessions
  • Virtual Co-Working
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Intimate Accountability Mastermind
  • Interactive Sessions with Peers & Coaches
  • Bonus Workbook, Mini-Course and Workshop
  • Live Implementation Exercises
  • Access to Monthly 60-Minute Coaching Calls
  • Unlimited Team TCC Support
  • FREE Updates

(Total Value $2,876) Included in Goal Crusher Club